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About Us

About Us

SAVETECH (Hotel Saving Key Tag & Key Card)

Hotel power saver works with Key Tag and Key card. Key Maid now helps you save more energy. It reduces the cost of electricity bills and controls an energy usage by employees.

Savetech has been in the business for over 14 years with sales of more than 100,000 sets. When customers choose quality, they choose Savetech. We are glad to offer warrantees and customer service for 2 years.

More than 1,000 projects all over Thailand trusts SAVETECH. Many of our customers are usually break even within 90 days.


SAVETECH is the leader in Energy Saver technology used in hotel, guesthouse, and residential buildings. The system automatically shut down electronic current within 25 seconds after guests leave the room.

SAVETECH Key Tag works in magnetic scheme, which prevents others from using any objects into Key Box. In addition, Key Card comes as a choice for smart card door lock.

SAVETECH More options are available to specify your energy utilization.
KEY MAID: Allow few appliances to perform when a maid services the room.
KEY AIR: Control air condition in hotel rooms.

SAVETECHproducts are smart and durable allowing more than 10 years of usage. Therefore, we could offer 2 years warrantee with customer service for a lifetime support.

SAVETECH products come with 3 parts;


          >> Relay Box <<

- Ultra compact: dimention 12 x 13 x 5 cm
          - Made of ABS plastic 100% anticorrosion
          - Circuit board with All in One; easy maintenance
          - Installed fuse protects an electrical short

          >> Key Box <<

- Made of molded ABS plastic, stylish and durable.
          - Smooth rear, no drill or chisel is necessary.
          - Electronic components are kept safely inside,
          closed by a metal sheet for lifelong using.
          - As small as a normal switch: dimention 7 x 11.5 x 2.5 cm.

          >> Key Tag <<

          Work in magnetic scheme with trendy design. It comes with
          two models. Crystal Clear / White Opaque

          Logo printing in both sides is provided

- Work in magnetic scheme
          - Dimention 4 x 11 x 0.6 cm
          - Hard metal rings are given away for free (1 piece for 1 Key Tag)

          >> Key Card <<

Key Box reads magnetic stripe on Key Card without touching
            (Contactless System)
          - Design to work with key card door lock
          - Suitable with Smart Card or Proximity Card

          >> Key Maid <<

          Key Maid revolutionizes the traditional Hotel Power Saver.
          It helps you save more energy because it works with 2 Key Tags.
          (one for guest and another one for maid)

          - Keytag for guest uses for turning on/off the lighting and air conditioner
          - Keymaid disables air conditioner when maids make up the rooms.

          Therefore, Keymaid controls energy used by hotel maids and save the
          cost of utility bills more than a regular Keytag.