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:: Instruction ::

Relay Control Box

Relay Box must be installed near Breaker Circuit or Load Center so that the wires can be linked to Relay Box before passing electricity into the room.

Please read the manual before installing. Connect the line to Load (inside) via Relay; only Neutral line is placed outside.


1. Before switch on electricity, you should make sure that the wires and equipments are properly connected. If you are uncertain, testing the system directly. After it is successful, it is okay to connect through Relay Box.

2. Warning: please do not use Relay Box with power above the instruction recommended such as

   - Do not use Relay Box with air conditioner of that over 18,000BTU
   - Do not use Relay Box with Water Heater of that over 3,500 Watt
    (If it is inevitable, you should employ Magnetic Switch to extend Relay’s lifetime)

Key Box

Install Key Box near the inner door with Control line (telephone line type 3-4 cores) to Relay Box. As a result, Key Box is able to order Relay to send/ shut electric current.  


   - Wiring Control line with a correct color code both Relay Box and Key Box.
   - Do not drop or break Key Box because it may damage the sensor (Read Switch) that is hidden inside.